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TeleAdvice Helpline
Expert head lice advice is just a call away. Don't wait!

Tired of sifting through conflicting advice on the internet on how to deal with head lice? Why not connect with a genuine expert at Lousy Solutions? We offer current, scientifically backed advice tailored specifically to your situation and needs, all for just $25 for a 20-minute consultation.  
Why Choose Our TeleAdvice Service:

Customers are raving about our expert knowledge

People turn to our TeleAdvice channel (phone/video) for various reasons. Whether you need quick head lice advice, live too far for our mobile service, or simply seek trustworthy information, we've got you covered. Ask those tricky questions like "why do my nits keep coming back?" and receive empathetic, up-to-date advice. 

You don't have to do this alone!

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Talk with a head lice expert 

$25  per 20 mins - from anywhere in Australia

  • Ask us anything!

  • Receive foolproof instructions on eliminating lice and nits at home.

  • Identify the difference between adult lice, nymph stages, eggs and nits, and how to gauging the infestation duration.

  • Understand the different treatment options and what works and what doesn't and why.

  • Get guidance on selecting the right treatment and nit comb for your family.

  • Learn preventive measures to stop lice and nits from returning.

  • Understand reasons for treatment failure and how to address them.

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How Lousy Solutions TeleAdvice Works:

Request TeleAdvice Appointment
  1. Fill in the form below to request a video or phone consultation. Include preferred day/time and your phone or video preference.

  2. Use the message section to add any further information or questions.

  3. Receive a text confirming your appointment or suggesting an alternative date/time if needed.

  4. Once the appointment is agreed upon, you will receive a text link for the upfront payment of $25 (PayID or debit/credit card*).

  5. Your appointment is confirmed upon receipt of payment.

  6. Any additional time beyond the initial 20 minutes is billed at a rate of $25/20 mins, payable after the consultation.

  7. Receive follow-up information via email post-consultation.

Talking with an Expert is Easy!

* A surcharge of 2.2% is added when payment is made by credit or debt cards.  


Request a phone or video call with an Expert

What is the reason for this consultaion? Tick any that apply.
04:30 PM

NB if booking from outside NSW please note that available booking times are set for Sydney  (AEST /AEDT)

You will receive a text to the listed phone number confirming the day and time of the appointment, and a request for upfront payment.

Thanks for your inquiry! We will confirm our availability and request payment by text.

Appointment is confirmed once payment is received.


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