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Mobile Lice and Nits Removal Clinic 
Our Professional Technician Comes to You 

Does Lousy Solutions Mobile Clinic come to your suburb?

If you are looking for professional nit removal or a lice clinic near you in Sydney, look no further. At Lousy Solutions, we understand the challenges families face when dealing with head lice. That's why we've introduced our Mobile Clinic Service, bringing expert hair lice assistance right to your doorstep.   No judgement, no marked car, just a sympathetic ear and expert advice that will get rid of your lice problem and equip you to manage any future outbreaks.

We offer a range of effective treatments to suit all preferences. If you have a special situation e.g., you have lice and are pregnant or breastfeeding, or you have allergies, we can help you select an appropriate treatment. Let us know if you have any special concerns or preferences when you make a booking inquiry

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Why Choose Lousy Solutions Mobile Lice Removal Clinic:

Our Mobile Clinic is more than just a lice removal service; it's a holistic solution that clears lice today and equips you to manage future outbreaks


Private, Confidential and Convenient:

Forget having to organise the family to get to a public clinic appointment. Our unmarked Mobile Clinic comes to you, offering expert head lice solutions  without the need to leave the privacy and comfort of your home. Our on-the-go solution fits seamlessly into your busy schedule and are strictly confidential.


Transparent and Flexible Fees:

We believe in providing clear and flexible pricing. Our standard fee is $154 for treatments taking up-to an hour. This is typically sufficient for a treatment and thorough comb-out on short, fine hair with an early infestation. Longer or thicker hair, or a more extensive egg distribution increases the application and comb-out time, and consequently the final cost.

Extended Time Over an Hour: For sessions exceeding the initial hour, we charge an additional fee at a rate of $110 per hour. This ensures that we can address more complex cases at the most efficient cost.


Experienced Professional at Your Service:

Lousy Solutions has the right Expertise and Vision to provide effective head lice solutions. Our owner has a major in parasitology, 20+ yrs working in pharma understanding clinical and regulatory aspects, and years of experience managing lice control in the primary education settings. You can trust in our knowledge and for us to handle infestations effectively with empathy and precision.


Gold Standard Post Service Support:

Our post service support is second to none. Once the service is complete, we are available by phone, email or text to answer any further questions or concerns you may have. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the service and support.


A Service that Addresses Your Individual Needs: 

We recognize that every case is unique. Our expertise allows us to address your family's specific needs effectively, whether it is advice on what treatments to avoid when breast feeding, or help understanding why there is a cycle of re-infestation. We like to provide a more holistic solution than just simple nit removal.


Treatment Options Tailored to You:

Choose the treatment that suits your family best. Lousy Solutions offers various options, including chemical treatments, essential oils, and mechanical solutions. We only use treatments that have the clinical data to demonstrate their effectiveness. We will suggest a treatment or guide you through the pros and cons of the available options to find the one that fits your preferences and needs the best.


Comprehensive Services on Wheels:

Lousy Solutions' Mobile Clinic is fully equipped and provides the comprehensive service and results  you would expect to receive from any lice clinic in Australia. We bring everything with us, offer head lice checks, treatments, and educational sessions all in the convenience of your home. Just set us up in a well lite area and provide some entertainment for the kids!


Equips You to Self-manage Future Outbreak: 

It is our philosophy to leave all our customers equipped to handle any future "lousy" situation and not to need our services again! We share all our tools, tips and know-how so you are confident to screen, treat, and prevent!

Of course, if you do want our services again we would be only too happy to oblige.

Ready to choose Lousy Solutions?
Book your mobile clinic visit today and let Lousy Solutions bring expert hair lice assistance directly to your home!

Single treatment icon

Mobile (in-home) Lice and Nit Removal - Single

In-home service starting at $154* - short hair, early infestation, treatment time up to one hour
  • Confirmation of infestation

  • Your choice of proven treatments (mechanical nit removal, chemical, essential oils)

  • Professional removal of head lice and nits

  • Demonstration of techniques for future use

  • Prevention tips

  • Post Service support

phone icon
FREE phone or video call follow-up for 20 days post treatment

*Rate for up-to 1 hour incl treatment and mechanical nit removal. Longer, thicker, curly hair or the severity of the infestation may increase the time and cost. Treatment time over 1 hour is charged at a rate of $110/hr. 

Surcharge of up to 2.2% applies for debit/credit cards.

Family treatment icon

Mobile (in-home) Lice and Nit Removal - Single

Standard "wet comb" screening Single - $37
(in conjunction with at least one treatment)*

If someone in the family has head lice it is likely others do too. Everyone should be checked and treated (if necessary) at the same time to prevent re-infestation. 

Wet screening (conditioner applied to dry hair and combed through) is 4 times more efficient and twice as fast at detecting early stage infestations than a direct visual examination**

Phone icon
FREE Phone or video call follow-up for 20 days post treatment

*Rate for stand alone single screening - $132 .   Surcharge of 2.2% applies for debit/credit cards

 **Mumcuoglu Pediatr Dermatol . 2001 Jan-Feb;18(1):9-12.


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