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Welcome to Lousy Solutions! 

Lousy Solution professional nit removal near me
If your school or child care centre is looking for a more proactive way to deal with head lice, or if your family needs assistance with professional nit removal or general expert advice, you have come to the right place.

  • For Families


Our mobile head lice and nits removal clinic comes to you. Our professional technicians we will confirm the diagnosis, treat the lice and remove the nits, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  We service Sydney, the North Shore, the Inner West, Ryde and the Eastern Suburbs, and even further afield for a small travel fee. For prices and more information on our service see in-home treatment.  To book call or text us or request an appointment through our bookings page. 

Our serviced suburbs stretch from Killara to Watsons Bay and from Mosman to Strathfield, and even further for a small travel fee.

We offer a range of effective treatments to suit all preferences. If you have lice and are pregnant or breastfeeding, or there are allergies in the family, we can help you select an appropriate treatment. Let us know if you have any special concerns or preferences when you make a booking inquiry

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Live remotely? Or just want some advice? Book a TeleAdvice session 20 min for $25.

If you live outside our service area or remotely, or you just want to talk to an expert, we can assist you by telephone or video call. We can offer: general advice, help select the best treatment and process to ensure success, or advise on what to do when all else has failed to get rid of those nits.  You are not alone! Go to our TeleAdvice service page  to make a booking.

  • For Schools and Child Care Centers


At Lousy Solutions we are about more than treating heads. We believe in a proactive approach to the management of head lice infections at schools and childcare. Sending the "Head Lice Alert" note home is just a small part. Our tools and programs are specifically developed for primary schools and child care and are aimed at reducing the number of infections so we can keep the kids focused and at school. Our "in-a-box tool kit" is easy to adopt and does not add to teacher or admin work load. 

We have the experience to assist small communities to stay one step ahead of a head lice outbreak. We are adaptable to working with the Administration, the Class Parents, the P&C association or any combination, whatever works best for you. See our School and Child Care Page for more details or CALL to discuss a tailored program.

  • You will get much more than a louse treatment with Lousy Solutions


Our founder is passionate about head lice management and is well qualified to provide expert advice, with a BSc (Hons) major in Parasitology, six years running a head lice control program in a NSW primary school, and a career in pharmaceuticals including working with head lice treatment manufacturers, our services are based on the latest scientific research and backed by clinical evidence. We believe there is a whole lot more that can be done to assist Families and Schools to manage head lice. See more on the Why Lousy Solutions and the Expertise and Vision pages.

Image of Yola Lousy Solutions' Founder
"It still astounds me how this small creature (pediculus humanus capitis - head louse), that is capable of very little harm, can wield such an impact; often bringing families and small communities to their knees. More astonishing is its ability to gag those it touches, enforcing a "code of silence" that inhibits effective contact tracing and a united community approach to treatment and control. The silence allows the louse free passage, back and forth, from head-to-head, always evading total eradication." 


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